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Trash Talk, Manchester

By Hubbub


TrashTalk Oxford Road project aimed to raise awareness of, and reduce, litter.

Campaign Name: Trash Talk, Manchester
Delivered By: Hubbub
Main Objective: Gathering data (monitoring), Behaviour change, community engagement
Type: Infrastructure: physical intervention (incl. bins)
Location: Urban


TrashTalk Oxford Road project aimed to raise awareness of, and reduce, litter. A series of
interventions were trialled between June and December 2016, in the Oxford Road/Oxford
Street area. Whilst general litter was targeted throughout, some interventions targeted a
specific litter type, for example, cigarette litter.
A 40 hour survey of Oxford Street in Manchester resulted in the recording of disposal
behaviour observations of 1,510 people and the mapping of 11,948 pieces of litter.

Headline Finding

Cigarettes consisted of three
quarters of the sample and the
number present on Oxford Street
increased by 6%. Excluding cigarettes from the
study, the amount of litter found
on Oxford Street reduced by 22%.
When you include cigarettes in the
sample, the litter was reduced by


Fun campaigns engage the target audience.
Use of puns and fun slogans are engaging.
Eye-catching installations work!

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