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Victorian Litter Action Alliance – VLAA

By Sustainability Victoria and VLAA Reference Group


VLAA is a collaborative community of practice that engages litter managers in Victoria, Australia, in best practice litter prevention.

Campaign Name: Victorian Litter Action Alliance - VLAA
Delivered By: Sustainability Victoria and VLAA Reference Group
Main Objective: Gathering data (monitoring), Behaviour change, raising awareness/ communications campaigns, Behaviour change, infrastructure/access/technology
Type: Communications campaign incl. posters, Community engagement and/or event
Location: Online
Cost: £20k +


The Victorian Litter Action Alliance (VLAA) is the peak body for litter management and prevention in Victoria, Australia.

Established in 2000, VLAA provides a coordinated approach to preventing litter across state and local government, industry and community sectors. It harnesses the combined efforts of state and local government, industry and community sectors to remove and prevent litter in the Victorian environment.

VLAA provides a state-wide forum for:
- Fostering input and communicating state-wide activities
- Identifying priorities
- Coordinating action plans to identify opportunities for leveraging greater outcomes from programs and activities
- Promoting joint activities
- Capability building through sharing information, experiences and delivery of training
- Monitoring trends in littering
- Identifying and reacting to new and emerging litter issues.

Our members represent state and local government, industry and community sectors who work collaboratively on our annual business plan to reduce littering in Victoria, Australia.

Follow the VLAA Litter Champion on Twitter and keep up to date with litter news, activities, facts and photos: @LitterChampion

Find out more:

Headline Finding

In May 2002, the Victorian Litter Action Alliance appointed a 'litter champion' to achieve major improvements in the coordination and integration of best practice litter prevention across Victoria and to raise the profile of litter within Victoria, and to develop a best practice litter prevention kit for the state.

As the title suggests, the VLAA Litter Champion has a strong advocacy role and is essential in developing a capacity and capability building program for Alliance members, and litter managers across Victoria. The VLAA Litter Champion is proudly funded by Sustainability Victoria.


Visit our website for lots of resources, including:

- Best practice model for litter prevention, based on behaviour change theory.
- Litter measurement toolkits
- Various types of litter prevention programs kits
- Litter statistics and fact sheets
- Images

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